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David Pickett - Fighting for Fant Ward

David PickettDavid was elected as a Councillor for Bridge Ward in May 2010 and served until last May 2018.

He is now keen to get back to his unfinished work in the community serving as a councillor.

During his term of office David served on the Heritage Culture and Leisure Committee where he was the Chairman.

In addition to his work on the council David is a great champion of the Arts. He is currently sits on Maidstone Area Arts Partnership which promotes the various performing arts societies in Maidstone.

David is very active in the town and since retiring as Manager of a toy store in The Mall, he has joined the Town Team events group and was also on the "Maidsafe" anti crime initiative.

He has been supportive of the annual river festival, serving on the organising committee for a number of years.

How do I contact David?

Email Address: none

Telephone No: 01622 681889

Mobile Number: 0776 307 3600

Postal Address: 140 Bower Street. Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8BE

What has David been up to?

  • Article: Jul 8, 2014

    Local Lib Dems moved quickly to reduce the damage to residents' quality of life that will inevitably result from the Inspector's decision.

    Lib Dem planning spokesman Tony Harwood, Planning Committee Chairman Clive English and local ward councillor David Pickett have demanded an urgent meeting with Maidstone planners, KCC Highways and Transportation and the applicants, in order to agree a blueprint to avoid the need for the most environmentally destructive of the proposed off-site highways works, and reduce local traffic increases to a minimum (by encouraging pedestrian visits for example). Current plans include road widening at the junction of Buckland Hill with London Road and the removal of a cycle path and footway on the bridge gyratory system.

  • Article: May 24, 2014

    The Conservatives have lost control of Maidstone Borough Council after local people gave a massive thumbs-down to Conservative plans to allow 19,600 houses across our borough.

    The Lib Dems had a brilliant night, gaining Heath ward with a thumping majority and coming within a whisker of beating the Conservatives in their former strongholds of Marden & Yalding and Staplehurst.

  • Article: Feb 26, 2014

    Two months on from the floods, Maidstone's subways remain closed and submerged in a mucky mix of water and rubbish. Pedestrians are now risking life and limb by running across four lanes of traffic.

    David Pickett, Lib Dem Bridge Ward councillor, dubbed the subways "appalling" with reports of fish being trapped in pools of water. Barriers meant to prevent pedestrians being submerged into the bog have been thrown into the river.

  • Power Hub building on St. Peter's Street
    Article: Feb 21, 2014

    Councillor David Pickett reports that the Appeal hearing for the Supermarket Scheme proposed for the Power Hub Site on St Peter's Street will be held at the Town Hall Maidstone at 10am on 13th May. Members of the public will be able to attend and to make their views known, subject to the discretion of the Planning Inspector. If you can not attend it is possible to have some one attend on your behalf and give your views verbally, or hand them in writing to the Inspector.

  • Litter
    Article: Jan 24, 2014

    Local Liberal Democrat Councillors are incensed by a marked recent deterioration in the cleanliness of streets in Fant and Bridge Wards in West Maidstone. Litter and other debris are disfiguring local streets - especially Tonbridge Road and roads off in Fant - and local residents are complaining that filth from the street is being trodden into their houses. Local Liberal Democrat Councillors have reported many individual instances of littering and are now seeking a strategic approach to footway sweeping across Fant and Bridge Wards.

  • Flooded subway near the Lockmeadow complex
    Article: Jan 23, 2014

    Local Lib Dem Borough Councillor David Pickett has demanded urgent action to pump-out and clean-up the subways on the west side of Maidstone Bridge, near the Bridges resturant, and east side adjacent to Drakes.

    The subways have been full of water since the Christmas floods and are now a real danger because highway barriers introduced to cordon-off the deep and dirty water have been thrown into the subways.

  • Article: Jan 23, 2014

    Long awaited improcements to the High Level Railway Bridge and footpath above Royal Engineers' Way and the River Medway in Maidstone are now underway. The work will take up to three months, including erection of scaffolding, which will take 4-5 weeks to erect. The footpath will remain open, but when the scaffolding is complete the width of the footpath will be reduced to about 1.5m, and a 30m section over the river will be covered. Local Lib Dem Councillor Ian Chittenden is liaising with KCC Highways and Transportation colleagues to ensure that a closure for footway re-surfacing work is progressed during school holidays, to avoid any disruption to journeys to and from local schools.

  • Power Hub building on St. Peter's Street
    Article: Jan 16, 2014

    Bridge Ward Liberal Democrat Councillor David Pickett has thanked the many residents who submitted objections and attended the Planning Committee on 9th January to successfully oppose the Planning Application and Listed Building Consent application to partially demolish the Power Hub building at Baltic Wharf, St Peter's Street and create a supermarket on the site. The Committee refused to permit the applications - with the motions for refusal moved by Lib Dem Councillor Tony Harwood..

  • Protect Shop Workers
    Article: Oct 16, 2013

    A message from Bridge Ward local Councillor, David Pickett:

    As a retailer for 44 years and at the sharp end (at the counter) I was always disturbed when a sales assistant or Manager was assaulted by a member of the public during their daily work..
    In a lot of cases where assault took place the offender as not charged.

  • Article: Jul 26, 2013

    Local Lib Dems Launch "Cherished Trees" Protection Campaign

    The felling of landmark trees at the Clive Emson offices in Rocky Hill, Maidstone will worsen air pollution problems in a known congestion hot-spot according to local Lib Dem Councillors. The seven mature common limes had long been a gateway feature on this busy approach to the town centre. They had taken on an increased prominence recently, as they grew opposite the popular new Premier Inn Hotel. The lime trees had long provided shade, shelter, a habitat for wildlife and served a vital pollution-busting role in a notorious traffic congestion hot-spot.

    Almost as soon as the chainsaws roared into life local Councillor David Pickett (Lib Dem) contacted Maidstone Council demanding action to stop the felling, but was told that the trees were not protected, and there was nothing the Council could do! This news angered David and other local residents, upset at the loss of yet more trees from our town. He stated: "This stand of old trees brought many benefits for Maidstone. I am particularly shocked that the Council could do nothing to save them". He continued: "The irony is that I had insisted on lime trees being used as part of the planting scheme for the new hotel opposite to compliment those on the Clive Emson site, and in time create a lime avenue. Sadly this opportunity to provide a really high quality landscape feature has now been lost."

    Lib Dem Planning spokesman Tony Harwood was appalled by the destruction: "These trees were much loved by local people and I deplore their destruction. The Clive Emson site's former life as Maidstone's dole office means that these trees were particularly well known and a real local landmark". He added "Lime trees are a particularly effective weapon in the battle against traffic pollution, as their large downy leaves act as biological filters removing airborne particles, such as diesel fumes, from the atmosphere. These sooty particles have been linked to increased incidence and severity of respiratory and cardiac illness."

    Cllr. Fran Wilson hopes that some good can come out of this latest local environmental tragedy: "Over and over again we have begged MBC to be more proactive in protecting trees that form an important part of our townscape. Should this destruction be a precursor to a planning application , we will fight to ensure this row of lime trees is replaced as part of the development. We are also launching a high profile campaign where local residents are invited to tell us which urban trees are most important to them and local wildlife, so that we can persuade Maidstone Council to protect them with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)."